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Our charging stations consist of a customizable and weather-resistant stainless steel structure with a base, panel, bike rack and fabric.
The base is made of tiles or wooden strips on which LED lights may be applied for night visibility.
The box has 4 230V AC A 2 A power sockets, allowing 4 e-bikes to be charged at the same time, plus 2 USB sockets for charging mobile phones, tablets, PCs, etc.
The bike rack can have 2 or 4 spaces and can accommodate any model of electric bicycle, whether MTB or racing bicycle.

Both panel and fabric can be customized with selected graphics.
2 or 4 extra spaces may be added.
The charging station can also be used to charge wheelchairs and other electric mobility devices for disabled persons.

The charging stations are covered with a fabric designed to trap and break down harmful particles in the air: theBreath. This advanced fabric is the most powerful, non-electrified tool to reduce atmospheric pollution via an entirely passive purification process that takes advantage of the natural movement of air.
Our charging stations are equipped with a QRCODE that allows all the stations installed in the area to be mapped through GoogleMaps and GoogleEarth.


Etraction’s goal is to promote sustainable tourism through knowledge of the territory and the environment, encouraging slow mobility to attract a greater flow of responsible tourists. Our project involves municipalities, other public bodies, Pro Loco associations, accommodation facilities and private individuals. We supply charging stations to allow the creation of a network of routes in the area for users of any type of electric bicycle. Charging is free but you need to use your own battery charger.

To complete the offering, public bodies and private entities may purchase a range of e-bikes that can be rented to users.

Finally, we can also create promotional videos on the area in which the charging stations are installed to increase awareness amongst locals and to attract tourists.

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To date, Etraction has installed charging stations in Piedmont, Valle d’Aosta, Liguria and Lombardy.

We started in Pella and Omegna on Lake Orta, later installing charging connections in Verbania and Baveno (in the direction of Lake Maggiore), on the summit of Mottarone (altitude 1,490m), on Lake Mergozzo and in the municipalities of Macugnaga and Bognanco in the Ossola Valley.
The municipality of Varallo in Valsesia has installed 4 charging stations to facilitate exploration of the area, including Sacro Monte, a Unesco heritage site.
In the province of Biella, our charging stations can be found at Oasi Zegna and two other accommodation facilities in the municipality of Civiasco.
Worth a specific mention is our collaboration with the Crola di Mezzomerico winery in the province of Novara, which has connected a SmartFlower (a sunflower-shaped plant with solar panels with zero environmental impact) to power the charging station.
In July 2019, we began our collaboration with SKYWAY in Courmayeur where 2 charging stations were positioned near the departure area of ​​the Mont Blanc cable car.

Thanks to our shared ideas on green development and environmental sustainability we have been included in their 2019 “SAVETHEGLACIER” sustainability report, which aims to promote environmentally-friendly routes in the mountains.
This collaboration was Etraction’s starting point in Val d’Aosta and led the way for new installations in the municipalities of Verres, Torgnon, Etroubles and Saint-Rhemy (at an altitude of 2000 meters, currently the highest in Italy) at the Grand Golliat Restaurant, powered by electricity from solar panels.
Other charging stations have been installed at the Thok e-bike headquarters in Alba and at the Ristorante Fontanafredda (in collaboration with GALUP) in Serralunga d’Alba.
In 2020 Etraction expanded into Liguria and Lombardy.
The first charging station in Liguria was installed at the Pacan Restaurant in Laigueglia (SV), followed in September by the positioning of 3 stations in the municipality of Pietra Ligure in collaboration with EGEA Group. In Lombardy, 19 charging stations have been installed in the province of Sondrio: 7 in the municipality of Lanzada and 12 in Valmalenco.